The hunter’s bow led to the development of three basic instrument families–the harp, guitar and violin.  The piano is the evolutionary result of the harp–the QB is the evolutionary result of the guitar.  The QB is the only other logical way to design a music keyboard matrix.

The brain works differently for different people, Linear (straight line) and/or Experiential (2-D).  The QB offers 2-D learners an easier approach to learning and performing music.  This is why some (me) cannot learn the piano.  Mull the QB.

The fingerboard grid of the guitar allows tablature, which is valuable for beginners as well as concert performers.  Cross-referencing. on a squared grid, registers faster for learners and performers than traditional notation–QQ website.

The QC 9×9 Beta 1 measures 8″ X 8″ X 1″.  This offers four octaves, with middle C being the center key.  Thus, beginning through intermediate piano methods are usable.  Instead of the hundred-or-so square feet required to showcase a piano, a QB only requires the corner of a coffee table.

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