Bonnie, did you take bass lessons?

I’ll bet you didn’t.  If so, maybe two months at the most.  Why was it so easy?  And, why aren’t you as good on the piano?  You have always been such a great trumpet player.  Bet you tried piano.  I took piano class lessons, private lessons, even taught piano class.  Never got good enough to even use it as a tool, for theory classes or arranging projects.  All that study and practice on trombone and guitar never helped my piano ability at all.

Why is that?  Here is my thought and why I created the QB.  Some people are linear thinkers, they learn in a single straight line, a chain of facts or lessons, which coincidentally is how the piano keyboard is laid out–a straight line of notes.  Others learn by comparative or experiential thinking, every thought is cross referenced with another thought.  A note on the bass or guitar can be graphed–tablature.  A note on the QB can be diagrammed or graphed.  This is a whole modern theory of teaching–experiential learning.

One out of a hundred piano students actually becomes a pianist, no matter how motivated.  With the Quartal Board, I am actually becoming a keyboard player.  I have hopes of turning at least ten of those piano dropouts into QB players.  Fortunately the QB has several other attributes

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